Next, S&S said "make our B2B sportswear catalog stand apart from the big guy competitors", and we said "get out of town."

So we took the photography on the road.

SS_panel_2016_1b .jpg

In a world of same-same photography, creating a more authentic, contemporary photography style differentiated S&S overnight.


Now, on to finding more prospects and customers
for S&S. The TK solution? A series of niche catalogs, strategically targeted by customer segment.

  Tabloid spread

No time to rest! S&S buys two competitors – Americana Sportswear and Eva Sportswear. And for TK, that means more catalogs to produce (and a couple more logos to design).


And through it all, we continue to dig and question and analyze and recommend strategies to support and strengthen S&S growth.


End of story? Not spring 2016, S&S opened a 500,000+ sq. ft. distribution center to support its continued growth.

Looks like S&S has become one of those "big guys" it set out to be. So, what's next?